Fabula Example: “Hello, World!”

As a gentle introduction to Fabula, let’s consider a classic example, “Hello, World!”

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New in Fabula Programming System

A new version of Fabula Programming System (previously Fab Web Tools) has been released. FPS is a complete rework of FWT, now residing at gofabula.com. Among the new features:

  • real-time database: whenever a project has been modified, or a new post was added on a forum, the changes are immediately reflected on all the computers connected to FPS; no need to refresh manually
  • to login, one can use an existing account with Google, GitHub, Facebook or Twitter
  • Fabula Debugger has been implemented
  • projects are private by default, until they are explicitly published
  • automatic HTML generation for running a project
  • Project Builder enhancements: project dependencies, import code generation, revision rollback etc.
  • multiple language changes: export specifications, simplified applet structure, etc.
  • new GUI templates with better integration with Bootstrap